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Stress-free showings are here! 

Give this checklist to your occupied listings to set the basics without having to explain every detail to them. You can rest easy knowing your seller has the tools to transition to showing mode smoothly, without your involvement. 

Add a Designer's Perspective to your Newsletter

Does your newsletter need a designer’s flare? We write a monthly designer’s perspective for your client newsletters. Whether your clients are looking to upgrade their space on their own or hire an Interior Designer provide them with the tools they need! 

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 3.52_edited.jpg

Schedule a Staging Presentation

As we work on building up our Los Angeles network we are bringing our staging expertise to you. We’ve developed a staging presentation for realtors that simplifies the staging process. It’s an extra tool for your realtors to get the most competitive listings. Schedule a presentation for your next all team meeting below!

( Please include your brokerage name and the proposed date of presentation.)

Purchase an Interior Design Consultation for your new buyer

Your new home owners may need some help to take their new property from potential, to the home of their dreams. Gift them a two hour consultation with me to get them headed in the right direction! 

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