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Our Process

Client Consultation:

We meet with you and all decision makers, to discuss the project, your design esthetic, time frame, and project investment amount. This initial meeting can last up to two hours and is considered a working appointment where we freely give our knowledge, insights, and suggestions. This shall provide you with valuable information, create clarity, and give you a good idea of where you want to go with your project and how we may move forward together. This first valuable meeting always saves you time, money, and mistakes moving forward. It is the starting point of all good design.

Detailed Site Planning Day:

After receipt of the signed contract and design stage deposit, we start to make it happen. During this stage, we measure, take before photos, identify all meaningful furnishings and accessories that will be incorporated into the design, and meet with all our trusted vendors and workmen who need to see, evaluate, give input and provide estimates for their portion of the job. This may include a painter, contractor, window treatment workroom, millworker, electrician, plumber, wall paperer, etc. This is an action-packed brainstorming and creative day for my team.

Preliminary Design:

Where the magic happens With all of the information we obtained and gathered during the initial conversations with you, added together with the Detailed Site Planning Day, we begin drawing up initial plans and creating your design. We select, get samples, research, and pull together all of the details of your project including floor plans, 3-D renderings, select architectural finishes, color schemes, window treatments, fabrics, or decorative furnishings.

Presentation Meeting and Investment Review:

We meet with you and present all of our exciting finds and designs! During this time, we also review the projected total spend, note any changes or re-selections that might be needed and wrap up our meeting with a very clear and concise complete design package.

Purchasing Product and Project Management:

We handle the entire ordering process for you making it easy, efficient, and manageable! All the necessary purchase orders are created, double checked for accuracy of selections, sizes, and detail. The status of the orders is closely monitored, tracked, and set up to be delivered to our receiver and checked for damages. Should there be issues with the product, it is all handled by our firm.

Coordinating and Site Visits:
We collaborate with all contractors, fabricators, or tradespeople and manage all details during the construction or installation phases. Site visits to check the progress and quality are all arranged by us. Installation and Styling: This is an exciting day!! The day when all of the furnishings are delivered and the stylizing of each room comes to life by us.
Project Reveal and Final Walk Through:

You arrive home and your new room is presented to you!! This is an exciting day. We take this opportunity to walk through all of the newly designed rooms revealing how the initial design concepts have come to life. This is also the time when we all do a final walk-through and identify any outstanding items to be addressed.

Professional Photography:
Our clients love that we photograph their space for the chance of having their home featured on our website, perhaps in a magazine or design blog post. We, of course, let you know when these exciting things happen so you may show your friends and family
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