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This is an image of the kitchen in Carolyn Tracy’s Mystic Manor Interior Design Project. The vignette shows the backs of the kitchen island stools. The stools are metal high backed stools in varying colors. Flanking the base of the spiral staircase are two totems with praying hands each wearing unique hats. The spiral staircase has stucco white walls and medium toned wood steps. There is a bright orange mandala on the white wall. To the left of the staircase there is an orange fu dog statue basking in the sunlight from the floor to ceiling windows.
This image is the words "My Work" as a cursive text overlay

Carolyn Tracy is a Los Angeles based Interior Designer specializing in Residential Interior Design, Real Estate Consulting and Residential Development Projects across the country.

As an accomplished Interior Designer, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Beginning my career in Chicago, I honed my skills working on a wide variety of projects, from commercial developments to full-service ground-up residential construction. All influencing different elements of my current style, which is constantly evolving. Designing is my passion and I am thrilled that I've gotten to explore so many aspects of Interior Design. Discover some of my favorite works by clicking the button below.

What Clients Say

“Carolyn's skill and talent blow my mind. She added some amazing touches to the remodel. I can never thank her enough! ”

This is an Image of the kitchen in Carolyn Tracy’s new project. The kitchen has white walls and dark wood grain cabinets, along with a custom dark wood grain fridge. There are new top of the line stainless steel appliances and a gas cooktop. The island and counter to ceiling backsplash are white veined marble. In the back corner of the kitchen there is a large wooden fruit bowl, a bottle of red wine, and a blue glass vase. There are three large edison bulbs hanging over the kitchen Island. The kitchen island is large with a stainless steel faucet and large sink. In front of the island there are two velvet camel stools with gold hardware.

Here to help at any Design Stage

Moodboards, shopping trips, or full service interior design!

Every space is unique, and therefore requires a tailored solution. To create a personalized design plan that suits your needs we need to identify what doesn’t work in your space, how you’d like to see it improve, and what you envision in a space that aligns with your lifestyle. Let’s hop on a 15 minute introductory call to see the best way to move forward and begin your design journey. Click the button below to schedule a consultation.

This is an image of Carolyn Tracy’s Trump Tower Project. This Vignette is of a sideboard table styled by the Interior Designer. Behind the table there is picture molding and beige floral wallpaper. On the table there is an ornate picture frame with a damask pattern and two textured glass amber wine glasses. Next to the table there is a textured stainless steel floor vase with large maroon flowers.
This image is the words "Carolyn Tracy" as a cursive text underlay


An Interior Designer with a passion for integrated and connected spaces

Your home should represent who you want to be, let me help bridge the gap! 

Looking for an Interior Designer to design a space that truly represents you? You’ve found her! My design philosophy goes beyond just pretty decor and color schemes. I specialize in holistic development and crafting spaces that are deeply connected to your personality and lifestyle. Let me help you create the perfect representation of yourself in your home. A space that works for you. Click below to view my Interior Design philosophy. 


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