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This is a close-up headshot of Carolyn against a light blue wall.

Design is Inherently Spiritual... 

My passion is to be present. In the moment, with everything and everyone that surrounds me.  I pursue collaboration, fun and creativity in all I do.  That is what I love about serving the Southern California area. I feel a deep connection to the people here that also seek that presence. Design is no different. As an Interior Designer, I believe your home should make you feel… comfortable, safe, daring, and confident. Your environment evokes many things in your life, and I am here to help you create a space that actively works for you. Contact me today to start your journey towards a beautiful and functional home in Southern California.

Connection is Paramount...

For me to create your ideal space I need to know you! The relationships I build with my clients, as well as my collaborators, are priceless to me and I am a very lucky person to do what I do! You are a well-rounded and complete person. I use a holistic approach in my design to create a space that is just as complete and complex as you.

Feeling is Key...

There is nothing like enjoying the Southern California breeze that runs through your home on the first warm day of spring. Your space should work hand in hand with all of the beautiful sensations of life. Cuddly fur blankets, large fluffy pillows, a slate bench while you meditate to begin your day, your space should look amazing, but it should feel even better. Even sound can be used to create a multi-sensory experience that engages the occupants and evokes emotions. I want your space to radiate warmth literally and figuratively. With lighting, textiles, sound, and colors we have so many tools at our disposal! 

Energy Matters...

Incorporating the elements of spirituality, sensations, chakra energies and colors can significantly add depth and meaning to the interior design of your home. The ability to provide a sense of purpose and connection to something greater than oneself can be reflected in design choices that evoke a sense of calm and tranquility or life and vibrancy, maybe even both! Sensations, such as texture, temperature, and integrating these elements into our interior design choices can create spaces that not only look beautiful but also promote well-being and enhance the overall experience of the space.

My Philosophy...

This is an image of the living and dining room in Carolyn Tracy’s new project. The image looks over a round glass dining table surrounded by two rounded high back chairs. The chairs have a high-contrast zebra wood backing and white boucle upholstery. There is a light fixture with multiple circular light tracts all at different angles. There is a large bouquet with purple and white flowers in a glass bowl on the table. Behind the dining room table is a large painting of an abstract woman’s portrait with pink, yellow, blue, and white highlights on a dark black wall. On the other side of the table there is a rounded bronze coffee table with a white vase and a stack of books. Behind the coffee table there is a light gray sectional couch with blue and pink pillows and a warm brown throw. Above the couch there is a shelf with a blue, purple, and yellow floral painting and three large metal pillar candle sticks. There is a floor lamp bent over the couch in front of floor to ceiling windows with custom beige track curtains. There is a white bulldog laying on the gray rug in front of the window.

Check out my previous projects!  

Over my career I have worked on a vast range of projects. I seek to create spaces that help people live their lives authentically. Every project I create is unique but to get a feel for my work check out my past projects below!

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Follow me on my social media! I post photos of my favorite pieces, design inspirations and inclinations, and exciting projects. It’s a great way to keep in touch with me and see deeper into my practice!

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