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As a Residential Designer....


I am constantly looking for new inspiration and resources. Since moving back to LA, I have been scouring the area for local resources, artisans and contractors.  These are the cornerstones of any true Interior Design Firm. My job is to create and mold an environment that reflects your unique vision and it is through my collaborators that I truly make this happen.

As a Real Estate Consultant...

My love of Real Estate takes me all over Los Angeles, meeting Realtors and seeing what is selling.  The part I play in this world is one of a resource and a consultant.  I know what a property needs for a quick and profitable sale and I am there for you every step of the way.  From listing consultation, to prep, staging and dressing.  From Open House to New Buyer Gift Certificate.  I am there, so that you can do what you do best - focus on selling a property and I can do what I do best which is preparing it to get the highest price for lease or sale in the shortest amount of time.

As a Developer's Consultant

My passion is to work with the Architect to create a beautiful shell for Buyers to make their own.  It is to create standard and upgrade programs that thrill Buyers and create long lasting value for the property.  It is to create common areas and models that lure you in and welcome you home.  It is so much fun!

As a Person...

My passion is to be present.  In the moment, with everything and everyone that surrounds me.  I pursue collaboration, fun and creativity in all I do.  The relationships I build with my clients, as well as my collaborators, are priceless to me and I am a very lucky person to do what I do!

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