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The exterior of Carolyn Tracy’s Rustic Suburban project which she designed from ground up.

Building a One-of-a Kind Forever Home

This retired bachelor worked hard to finally build his dream home. He wanted a totally unique space. We hand-picked every detail to create a house that would wow every guest for years to come.  All furniture was custom upholstered. Every beam, fixture, and piece of hardware was hand selected. These and other custom selections made the home a comfortable space as well as a live-in art piece.

Looking from the living room into the remodeled Kitchen of Carolyn Tracy’s Rustic Suburban project. Featuring custom dark wood cabinets. Hand picked knobs and hardware, a marble island, two leather high back stools. 4 unique light fixtures and reclaimed wood beams on the ceiling.
An alcove leading to the pantry in the Rustic Suburban Project featuring a stone wall and lantern light fixture over the reclaimed barn wood door.

The tiles behind the range were individually installed. Each piece of hardware, from a utensil drawer knob to the handle of an upper cabinet, was individually chosen to compliment the next, creating balance as well as fun. The reclaimed boards on the barn doors, vertical posts, and horizontal beams were selected as groups for color and then placed for the best view of knots and variation

His Vanity.jpg
The living room of Carolyn Tracy’s rustic suburban project. Featuring a custom stone fireplace, textured rug and all custom upholstered furniture.
Three colored pottery vases on the fireplace in the living room of Carolyn Tracy’s Rustic suburban project.
The front seating room from behind two vertical wood pillars.

We worked with artisan painters adding texture and color to hand selected trim​. Cabinets and corbels were individually designed inside and out.  Acoustic drywall was added to the walls behind the interior stone to ensure the best sound quality of both the sound system as well as ambient noise.

Looking past the stairs into the dining room of the Rustic Suburban Project. Featuring plush rugs and patterned high back chairs.
The bedroom of the rustic Suburban project. There is satin bedding, a luxury ceiling fan and a lit lamp on the bedside table.
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