Unique Rustic new Construction

The client wanted everything about this project to be unique so we hand picked every detail. 


*each piece of hardware, from a utensil drawer knob to the handle of an upper cabinet, was individually chosen to compliment the next, creating balance as well as fun.

* We worked with artisan painters adding texture and color to hand selected Trim

* acoustic drywall was added to the walls opposite interior stone to insure the best sound quality of both the sound system as well as ambient noise.

* The reclaimed boards on the barn doors, vertical posts, and horizontal beams were selected as groups for color and then placed for the best view of knots and variation 


* The tiles behind the range were individually installed.  


* All of the furniture was custom upholstered.  


* Cabinets and corbels were individually designed inside and out.

These and other custom selection made the home a comfortable space as well as a live in art piece

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