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Trump Tower "American Design"

I met with this client for two days while they were visiting from China.  He spoke English and she didn't.  It was a lot of fun pointing and nodding and asking for more details in the translation but I got a very good idea of what they were looking for.


They wanted a "Traditional American Design"  so we took this modern apartment and:


*, added molding  to all the walls in the main Living area.  


*  added sheers in to the blind pocket and draperies in front with new crown to finish the look.

*  A touch of wallpaper to focus the Dining Room

*  Created interest in the open kitchen while toning down the color.

*  Put in an awesome whole house stereo system

*  Built out the closets and added wall to wall custom mirrors to enlarge the spaces.

*  I felt the space needed some diversity so I suggested Adding Moroccan influenced lighting and hardware to the "American Design"... They loved it and I think it really warms the space.

* custom designed green wall, floating globe orchid and planters

Master Bedroom
Dining Room
Living Room
Living Room
Writing Desk
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