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International Home with American Appeal 

Trump Tower Chicago

The client and I met for two days while they were visiting from China.  He spoke English and she didn't.  The language barrier became a strength in the design. I got a much more physical understanding of what they liked, by pointing at the things they loved I got so much more detail than the typical style descriptors we designers usually use. As the project developed we added some international touches, Moroccan accessories and lighting, to their otherwise American Dream Home. 

The living room of Carolyn Tracy’s Trump Tower Project. Featuring a textured white fur rug. Luxe leather furniture. A living plant wall feature and numerous Moroccan touches including three pendant lights in front of floor to ceiling windows.

I sought to create moments that carried your eye through the space. Adding molding and a custom live green wall with floating globe orchis and planters, wallpaper to pull you into the dining room, and adding interest to the open kitchen while still toning down the color.

 A view of the dining room of Carolyn Tracy’s Trump Tower project looking from the living room. The couch has purple and white pillows and the dining room has a round table with 4 high back chairs. The table and backdrop are styled. There is picture molding and wallpaper on the back wall. A large Moroccan inspired globe chandelier hangs over the dining table.
The remodeled Kitchen from Carolyn Tracy’s Trump Tower Project. The kitchen features dark cherry cabinets, a new backsplash and dark wall paint.
The bedroom of Carolyn Tracy’s Trump Tower project. Featuring a neutral color palette. Luxury textiles. Matching bedside tables and lamps and a beautifully made bed. In front of custom made window coverings for a wall full of floor to ceiling windows.
A chair in front of an open secretary’s desk in the master bedroom of Carolyn Tracy’s Trump Tower Project.

The details in this space made the room. I added sheers into the blind pockets and draperies in front with a new crown to finish the look. A whole house stereo system sealed the luxury appeal and added even more emotion to their space.

The view from the hallway looking through the living room to the floor to ceiling windows in the living room of Carolyn Tracy’s Trump tower project. The skyscraper lights are shining through the custom floor to ceiling window coverings.
The bar and living room of Carolyn Tracy’s Trump Tower project at night with the lights dimmed.
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