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A beautiful mix of Spanish  architecture, Latin style and the flair 
of Liberace

Park Ridge Chicago

One was a professional tango dancer and the other an attorney with a love for Liberace.  With a new Spanish style house, we mixed these elements together to create a comfortable home for all.  This new 5-chandelier installation was a story of it's own.  Look for a new video telling more.  

Park Ridge Chandeliers.jpg
living to entry.jpg

We took the out of date moldings and paint and added more interesting molding and updated the paint to reflect a much more contemporary style.

Park Ridge Dining table_edited.jpg
Dining room.jpg
Park Ridge Master Bedroom.jpg

Custom window coverings, bedding and metallic paints really created a unique home that lasted with this couple for many years.

upper hall_edited_edited.jpg
Neices room.jpg
Nephews room.jpg
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