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Cozy Bachelorette Sky Pad

Trump Tower Chicago

This client had been working with me for a while while I was still in Chicago.  She called me one day to get my take on a new sofa.  From there, she realized she really wanted to update her kitchen and well we just took off from there.  We redid her whole living room, dining room and kitchen.  New furniture, new lighting and new paint!


Since the kitchen is a large part of the Living Room, the client wanted a design that was simple so we went with minimal veining in the countertop and backsplash, a beautiful dark cabinet wood that balances out the strong walls in the rest of the condo and lots of little details like the brass and wood/resin handles in a know as well as a handle.


I do have to say that I do all of my own photography so not professional at all.  This room looks very cluttered in these photographs, I am guessing it has something to do with the depth of field but in person it is so cozy and comfortable.  The little details like the 3D artwork to fill the front entry.  The art light separating the dining room from the living room.  The mirror that reflects the chandelier and the windows of the city.  The dining table with it's bright base but glass top to allow for the the curvy dining chairs with the tiger wood back.  The brass bar stools in the soft velvet play off of the kitchen as well as the dining room.  And my favorite part is that we purchased a ton of electric candles that my client has programmed so that when she comes home from work at night the place is lit up and waiting for her.  This may not be her favorite part but it definitely tops everything else off.  

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